What Does Full Circle Mean? As an investigative designer, Emily Miller-Sharma uses the Liam autumn/winter 2019 collection as an exploration for answers. Remembering the magic of familiar origins, she returns to her grandmothers, reconnecting to rediscover inspiration. And using the simple geometry of repeated circles, Miller-Sharma incorporates playful pattern cutting techniques to create pieces that are soft in silhouette and gentle in drape.

Brought to life by model Naomi Shimada, What Does Full Circle Mean? sparks joy, warmth, and freshness, tinted with the magic of femininity.

Named after the goddess who spins the Wheel of Fortune, the Fortuna pieces bring new meaning to grace. Circle cut capes show glimpses of your back and the Fortuna one-shoulder twist top and pantsuit references the action of returning. Furthermore, Miller-Sharma’s exploration of the bias and the wrap dives deeper, reimagined in new pieces of flattering silhouette and drape. No matter where you go, these clothes are bound to reground and reassure.

Carol, a floral print inspired by passed down clothes and watercolour paintings from her grandmothers, sets the colour palette for this collection. Splashed with plunge green and fuchsia, and expressing the brilliance of collaboration, the Carol Silk Slip and Knit Dress are bound to bathe you in a special kind of glow.

Moving towards the use of sustainable fabrics, Liam introduces recycled polyester into its collections. Plastic bottles have been diverted from landfills and recycled into new fabric to make Coterie, an A-line skirt and cowl-neck top. With the black colourway in full recycled polyester and floral colourway with recycled lining, these pieces bring refreshing colour and environmental consciousness in a winning combination.

And in preparation for the drop in temperatures, the classic Liam coat returns to accompany you. A swinging, mid-length, and A-line style, the Elipse Coat invites you to twirl in to the colder days.

Upliftingly colourful and full of life in all the right places. Take the trip home to Liam and discover what full circle means to you.