Five tips to stay radiant this summer

Don’t let your skin suffer from summer’s dry temperatures and more sun exposure! Health 2000 have provided 5 great tips to stay radiant this summer –


1. Keep your skin hydrated

In the summer, long warm days, dry air, sun exposure and more outdoor time mean maintaining a good level of skin hydration is all the more important.

Natural moisturisers are an obvious and effective way to keep your skin soft and supple. While these are integral to your morning and evening routine, you may find your skin drying out during the day.

Each of The Herb Farm skin type ranges features its own facial toning mist. Spritzing throughout the day rehydrates your skin and refreshes your makeup. Keeping it in the fridge is also a perfect way to cool down.

The Herb Farm also has a new secret weapon when it comes to combating environmental stressors. The Protecting Skin Defend Mist is packed with powerful, natural ingredients that give invisible protection against the sometimes-testing summer elements. A regular spritz helps to protect your skin against the drying effects of air-conditioning and the weathering effects of spending extended periods outdoors.


 2. Keep your lips soft

Heat and sun exposure can also lead to dry and cracked lips. The Herb Farm Calendula & Lavender Lip Balm is packed full of healing and moisturising botanical oils that keep your lips soft whilst protecting them against the elements. Tamanu oil, calendula and comfrey extracts are highly effective at healing and softening, while shea nut butter provides long-lasting nourishment and protection against the elements.


3. Stay fresh, naturally

Unfortunately, in most mainstream deodorants, there are ingredients which you really want to steer clear of, most of all aluminium. Aluminium is a known neurotoxin that blocks your pores to prevent sweating, essentially stopping your body from functioning correctly.

The Herb Farm’s natural, roll-on deodorants are aluminium and paraben free. Himalayan salt, echinacea and calendula tinctures provide antibacterial and soothing properties for your underarms. They effectively control odour without interfering with your body’s natural cooling system.


4. Repair sun damage with natural botanicals

You use natural sunscreen, wear a hat, cover up during peak hours, and run for shade where you can, but sometimes, the unavoidable happens and the sun still manages to harm your skin.

A great way to repair sun damage, particularly on your face and décolletage, is with The Herb Farm Radiance Boost Facial Serum. It is easily absorbed and filled with incredible herbal botanicals that are shown to help fade sun spots, discolouration, and even out skin tone. This active blend is high in antioxidants which assist with removing damaging free radicals – and to top it off, it smells amazing!


 5. Take care of yourself

If last year is anything to go by, New Zealand may be in for another scorching summer, so you need to make an extra effort to look after yourself. Drink plenty of water, protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays, and adjust your skincare routine accordingly – you’ll thank us later!