Raspberry Cashew Bliss Balls

When it comes to Christmas, the idea of edible presents has a lot of appeal. Homemade gift ideas that are fun to make and will bring joy to the lives of those you love – including these delicious Raspberry Cashew Bliss Balls, thanks to FreshChoice CityMarket.


For the bliss balls base:

210 grams Frozen Raspberries

180 grams Rolled Oats

120 grams Shredded Coconut

60 grams Coconut Oil – melted

60 grams Cashew Nuts Whole

1 teaspoon Vanilla Bean Paste

40 grams Liquid Honey


For the Icing:

300 grams White Chocolate Melted (or preferred chocolate)

Enough for garnishing – Freeze-Dried Raspberries


Bliss Balls:

  • Place slightly defrosted Raspberries into a blender with all other bliss balls base ingredients
  • Blend until smooth, scrape down the sides a couple of times to make sure the ingredients mix well.  (it is best if there is still a little texture in the mixture).
  • Line a mini muffin tin with glad wrap, spray the tins lightly first this helps the glad wrap sit nicely into the moulds.
  • Press the glad wrap down so that it forms to the shape of the muffin tin.
  • You can also roll the mixture into balls rather than pressing into moulds.
  • Then you press your bliss ball mixture into the tins
  • Press firmly so that the mixture presses together and fills the tin
  • Once tins are full, set in the refrigerator for approx. an hour.
  • Remove from the tins using the glad wrap to pull them out of the moulds


Garnishing your Bliss Balls:

  • Melt your white chocolate so it is smooth and slightly runny
  • Dip the top of your bliss ball into the white chocolate just enough to cover the top ½
  • Garnish with a freeze-dried raspberry and let the chocolate set before plating or putting into a Christmas treat parcel