Chef’s Glazed Ham

Christmas lunch or dinner isn’t complete without the quintessential Kiwi glazed ham. This simple recipe will make your Christmas meal one you won’t forget thanks to Fresh Choice City Market.

1 x whole or half ham

2 cups Keri orange juice

1 cup brown sugar

30 x cloves

  1. Remove skin from ham
  2. Cut a criss cross score pattern over the top of the ham about 1cm deep
  3. In each diamond created place clove
  4. Line a roasting dish with baking paper, place the ham on top
  5. Mix brown sugar and orange juice together and stir until sugar is dissolved
  6. Pour over ham
  7. Bake in 180C oven for 50 minutes, basting with the orange juice mixture every 10 minutes
  8. Cool and garnish with sliced oranges and glazed cherries

Serve with friends and family gathered around the table. Bon appetit!